Monday, June 26, 2006

Chancellor's death linked to job stress

[A half dozen people have sent me this story. I had decided not to post it here, being of the opinion that by now those problems that exist within the UC management system are now ancient history as far as LANL is concerned. However, people keep sending the story in, so here it is. --Doug]

Doug and Brad,

Here is an interesting article about a suicide of a UC Chancellor (UC Santa Cruz).

Chancellor's death linked to job stress

Apparent suicide came amid controversies at UC Santa Cruz

While it has nothing directly to do with LANL (or LLNL), it does show "something's amiss" in UC overall.

Anyone's suicide is a very sad affair. However, how about another
headline that is perhaps even more poignant:

"LANL staff member Kauppila 's death linked to abusive UC job stress"

Why didn't we ever see that headline in the national news?

I'm glad that someone still remembers what they did to Todd.
LANL killed him just as surely as if Nanos had handed Kevin Jones a gun and told him to shoot. It was all obviously well worth it since Nanos,Jones, and Seestrom are being well cared for by the new administration. Like Sue said, "Sometimes good people have to go down for the good of the lab." That makes it much easier for the evil ones to thrive.

You never saw it in the news because people weren't sufficiently outraged to force our two loyal Senators to do anything about it. It has been easy for them to ignore Sara and me. But, when we asked people to write to their senators to bring about an investigation into this travesty everyone fell silent. That is exactly what Domenici was counting on. I suppose that the vision of Todds lifeless body on an emergency room table is not something that you have to spur you on to action. It is a vision that is seared into my memory like it was yesterday and it will continue to fuel my contempt for these evil lying bastards until some form of justice is done.
Many deaths (suicides or otherwise) are attributable to workplace stresses stemming from workplace abuses. The unnecessary and poorly conducted LANL layoff of 1995 adversely impacted well over 500 households but few (outside of those households) cared. When the homesteaders were forcibly removed from the Parjarito Plateau in 1943 so the Manhattan Project could take root and blossom into what is now the wealthiest community in the nation, nobody cared much then either. These families, then and now, endured injustice so intense that loved ones died prematurely as a result. So what else is new? The masses remain content with the spoils of injustice, and so the arrogance of those in charge will never be diminished by the “collateral damage” associated with their behavior. Is this is the "world class" leadership we keep hearing about? You bet!

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