Thursday, June 22, 2006

Not a single person in the room...

Submitted by Anonymous:

Can you imagine the meeting where this was introduced
and not a single person in the room guffawed or said "you must be joking" ....
scary ....

Welcome to the new LANL, where everybody is an at-will employee and nobody guffaws at management stupidity any more.
Imagine that, they actually pay people to come up with this shit.
There you go, Dave. There's your "Quality of Metrics".

Like it?
Before the criticism gets out of hand, note that this was a Master Management meeting. So the 3rd grade level of the presentation may be spot on.
Beyond the typos and grammatical errors in the presentation, the "plan" shows the level of managers being brought in on a daily basis. We are told DAILY we have NO MONEY and yet the "managers" descend on the lab seemingly on a daily basis--and all for jobs that are never posted anywhere.

LANL is now top heavy with worthless managers who do nothing but attend meetings and produce shit like this. What is a value added? ZERO

All the reorg crap seems to be a way to create YET MORE manager positions. It sure doesn't make sense from any other perspective, especially when all the managers are coming in from outside the lab.
And, has anybody noticed that NONE! of these new management positions are advertised? The long-term LANL employees are apparently not eligible for these important positions.
Yes indeed, local butt-heads and cowboys need not apply for the corporate Gods have arrived. The new motto--"grin and bear it... butter optional."
In reference to the demise of Los Alamos, a LANS manager was overheard making light saying "all there is left is to pray".
My response was to immediately ask MY supervisor for his personal safety plan so I could feel better about HIS attitude.

Any manager that spends work time developing or promulgating such a plan should be reported for Waste, Fraud and Abuse (which I think is now in SAFE-IISG12 or some such group).
It's been less than a month since LANS took over, and yet, memos like this one are beginning to appear which are making the staff feel nauseous. What's next? Potty training to reduce bio-hazard risks? Safe sex instructions? I truly hope this is an isolated example of how our highly paid new management intends to run this facility.

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