Thursday, June 22, 2006

LANS Will Develop a “Work Free, Safety Zone” at Los Alamos.

Submitted by Anonymous:


LANS Will Develop a “Work Free, Safety Zone” at Los Alamos.

Just like Bechtel Nevada, LANS proposes to create a “Work Free, Safety Zone”. Bechtel Nevada will disband on June 30th and, a wave of displaced bureaucrats will descend on Los Alamos. Their expertise will change our Safety culture and make money for all. First, LANS leadership is negotiating salary increases to cover the cost of retirement living in Santa Fe.

A recent productivity study at NTS fount it took 26 men, four months, and $102,000 to “safely” change a mercury vapor light bulb. The 6-Sigma study said the costs appeared high, only because the indirect multiplier was 3.3 times. Direct labor and material cost was only $31,000.

When the crafts were queried a construction trades representative stated, “Generally, crafts spend all day attending Plan of the Day meetings, taking safety training courses, drafting work packages, and waiting . . . so work can be performed on an overtime basis.

Bechtel Nevada earned a nearly perfect fee rating. Fee incentives were negotiated with NNSA that focused on high pay-off ES&H initiatives. They hit the jackpot despite dismal productivity and construction disasters. It has been noted that the cost of doing work at NTS has only doubled during the last 5-year contract period. Direct and indirect charges for ISM, PAAA, and quality programs increased asymptotically to comply with internally generated mandates to achieve “Zero Accidents”.

"...only because the indirect multiplier was 3.3 times."

Nuts! For years I used "e" as a multiplier on Lab project estimates.

Then I had to increase it to "Pi", which now has been shown to be inadequate.

What next? ..."Pi * e"?
What flavor of Pi*e?
What I have notices is a busy-work-loaded, management zone.
Admiral Butthead made us a "work-free safe and secure place" during the stand-down. We have not and will likely never recover from that. Some people really liked it that way.

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