Wednesday, June 28, 2006

LANL Blog Closing Comment

Dear beneficiaries, supporters, and especially Doug Roberts host LANL Blog,

Although tempted to write a contribution to this Blog about my favorite DOE
funded Boondoggle the NIF, my version of a real-story has not been
necessary. The credible Lab insiders who contribute to this Blog have
exposed the fraud and mismanagement of this program even better than I
could do writing from the outside. The contributors have fired enough
torpedoes into the NIF that the Titanic metaphor demands a rewrite. Not
only will the NIF run into it's own flawed fundamentals in both engineering
and fusion physics, but the program director will deem the collision
successful since the unwritten criteria for success has now been massaged
from "Ignition" to the "Demonstration" of colored light - all for just $5b
taxpayer bucks. To the competent engineers who practice good engineering
judgement despite your incompetent management I say, Thank You for
illustrating the truth on NIF. Grab a nipple and milk it, the ride is
almost over.

Les G. Miklosy
former Computer Scientist LLNL

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