Monday, June 26, 2006

Lab's per diem practices don't comply

Submitted by Anonymous:


Looks like our new corporate overseers are taking no
time at all to begin living the good life at LANL's

Lab's per diem practices don't comply (Los Alamos Monitor, June 25, 2006)

...The preference to stay off the hill appears to trickle down from the top.
Between the four hotels in town, they could only account for one member of
the LANS transition team, a Bechtel person, who stayed in Los Alamos during
the six-month transition period of December through May, before taking over
management of LANL.

If LANL and DOE were told 13 years ago, then shame on them. Fixing it now (now that it is "in the press") is like closing the barn door after the cows got out.
Of course, having to stay in a Los Alamos hotel is right up there with Gitmo accommodations.
I don't have much respect for peoples' values if they prefer driving back and forth from Santa Fe at the taxpayers' expense with gas prices as high as they are so they can wine and dine each other at exorbitantly expensive restaurants.
The GSA Travel Regulations state that the place of business governs the reimbursement rate. That means these people should be receiving Los Alamos rates regardless of what city they stay in or what hotel. If their actual costs are higher, it is out of their own pocket.
Perhaps I am missing something. If a Bechtel employee is paid by Bechtel corporate to work in Los Alamos for 6 months, why must they be held to GSA rates? Remember, LANS did not have a contract to run the lab until June 1. I believe the transition effort came out of the pockets of private corporations (excluding UC, of course).

As for the whiny LA hotels, I can't tell you how many times I've had visitors from other NNSA sites complain that they could not get a hotel room in Los Alamos at the gov't per diem rate.
badbard1 is too kind to Los Alamos hotels. He insults Gitmo accomodations. Hotels in Los Alamos are overpriced slums. Any self respecting terrorist would realy be depressed and turn suicidal staying in Hilltop House for a week.
It's clear to those of us in Los Alamos who are in business and who balance making a payroll with improving physical plant of our businesses that if the per diem rules had been followed, the economy and appearance of this city would be entirely different. The hotels would be nicer, and there would probably be more of them. There would be more restaurants that are open later, and we might not have lost an estimated seven small businesses this past winter. The lost gross receipts and lodger's taxes would have had a tremendous effect on the City's infrastructure. So, the question at hand is this: Do retiredpuere and joegideon have had some practical business experience to back up their callous observations, or has their experience been limited to the public teat?
Bravo, news lane! Those two guys (RetiredPuere in particular) do indeed smack of government teat-suckers. Couldn't have said it better.

On the other hand, however, it sure is nice to get off the Hill now and then and go have a beer some place where you are not surrounded by a bunch of irritating lab cone-heads.
I stayed at Hilltop House for a month when I moved to LA this year. I found it clean and well maintained.
In the last 6 months I have seen many businesses here fail. When I attended the county council meeting and listened to the 3 missions of the incoming regime at the lab I took them at their word when they said they would support the community. If the transition team stayed in Santa Fe then shame on them.
Submitted on behalf of "bigfoot"

Never once did the LA Monitor nor the Los Alamos Hospitality Association members ever mention that the hotels in Los Alamos, with the exception of the Quality Inn DO NOT offer the GSA federal lodging allowance. The LAHA could start getting more business if they offered the federal lodging allowance room rates. People might even want to stay in the Los Alamos hotels if the hotels upgraded once in a while.
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