Thursday, June 29, 2006

HPC person needed

Hi Doug:

We are looking for an HPC person also with good general Linux skills:
1) Hands on! i.e. not afraid of the hardware aspects
2) experience in supporting HPC implimentations
3) experience with Myrinet and Infiniband (or one of these)
4) May have played with ROCKS , Scalable Systems, Scyld, clustermatic etc...
5) Some applications support from a cluster hardware integration and setup environ standpoint
6) able to adjust to the rigors of private industry. Does not have to leap tall buildings in a single bound though :-)

active Q clearance (less than a year from leaving lab) is a bonus because we have FOCI, Q-clearded management, so can reactivate clearance and add to our cleared personell list under our company's name.



Robert 'Bob' Bolz
Div. Manager
Integrity Linux Systems Division
4601 Columbine NE
Albuquerque NM 87113
phn 505-294-7747
fax 505-275-1125

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