Thursday, June 29, 2006

First seen in the signage

Hey doug.

Eat your heart out, nobody's got this picture but me, since LANS pulled that "Operated by ..." just as soon as they could :-)

In any corporate takeover, the efforts are first directed at erasing all vestige of the previous owner, and it's seen first in the signage.

Good luck. You can ignore this, post it, or post it anonymously as you wish. It'd be amusing to post it anon and let people guess "who is that guy" for the last 12 hours.

Have a good one, until our trails cross again. Yep, "I'm still here". How long, well, those are the sorts of things that you never know for sure :-)

One last thought on the blog: sometimes good, sometimes bad, but the fact is, if it had any role in Nanos' departure, and I think it did, then it was worth it.


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