Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Energy Dept. won't abandon pensions

It had sought to stop paying defined-benefit plans for contractors' new hires. Officials will review the issue.

Associated Press

Under pressure from labor unions and some members of Congress, the Department of Energy has reversed an earlier decision to cease paying defined-benefit pensions for newly hired employees of government contractors.

The changes would have applied to contractors who run a number of projects and research sites on the Energy Department's behalf, including the Sandia, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories in New Mexico and California, Georgia's Savannah River nuclear weapons and materials site, and the Hanford nuclear-waste cleanup site in Washington state.


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Yeah great - We at LANL got screwed already. Isn't it fun to be a pioneer?
Don't worry. Now that DOE realizes that they can not afford for these pension and medical benefits to go on, the perfect time and place to resolve this would be with the LLNL contract coming up soon. LLNL may get a bigger boner then you did. Why not, the place and timing is perfect and then LLNL can become the first pioneers to experience frozen wages, no medical benefits, no pension and no 401K. You works for a wage and make the best of it. Don't like what we have to offer, don't let the door hut you on the ass on the way out, have a good day... Now if you want change, lets get started on the correct foot. So maybe LANS,LLC wasn't such a bad move after all. Enjoy !!
"...Senate Democrats such as Harry Reid of Nevada and Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts backed the AFL-CIO on the matter, as did some Republicans, including Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and Pete Domenici of New Mexico, who represent many of the affected workers."

Did I miss something? LANL is a done deal - all new hires into TCP2, and Lockheed has said new Sandia employees were not included in the closing of their DB plan for all other LM employees. So who in NM is Sen Domenici helping?
Who in New Mexico is Domenici helping?

Yes...WHOM!!! is the sound an elephant makes when it farts.
Is that what that was?

Sounds to have come from the "poop deck" of the new Ad Bldg.
If you think that DOE will NOT abandon pensions, just wait a year. The order was not rescinded it was postposed a year. The drop dead date for "no new pension participants" is March 1007, which may get slightly postponed, but I bet it will still occur.

The issue will vanish from all radar screens in the heat of a presidential election.

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